Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday Post for a Tuesday Linky

Encouraging Words of the Day:

When it's Tuesday in Texas, USA, it's not Tuesday in Australia. I think. Anyway, Anthea hosts an EPP linky for us on her Tuesday in Australia. Here is is already Wednesday in Texas and I'm barely now posting so I can hook-up to Anthea's linky.

Here's a photo of my big project in progress:

This part is not that much fun as it's hard so sew all these hexies together but it's getting there.

And the accumulation of half-inch hexie flowers continues. Here are 3 more:

Thanks, Anthea for providing the linky. Click "Hibiscus Stitches" to see what others are doing with their EPP.




Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hill Country Wildflowers and Hexie Flowers

Encouraging Words of the Day:

Well, the 2nd Tuesday of the month, the day when Anthea of Hibiscus Stitches provides a linky for us to share our hexie projects, has arrived and almost gone. I'm writing this as I sit in a hunting blind at our little Texas ranch. We're hunting feral hogs. So far, no luck. Of course, I'm looking at my iPad as I write this instead of looking out for a feral hog to wander by. But, I digress. Earlier I walked about the ranch admiring our beautiful wildflowers and thinking about Anthea's hexie link. I sewed up a couple of flowers for my partner in the "Inchy-Hexagon Flower Swap."

Here they are in front of a Prickly Pear cactus flower...

and another of them with the "Mexican Hat" wildflowers as well as a few cactus berries.

Then I saw these beautiful little yellow wildflowers, the perfect place to photograph these three little half-inch hexie flowers for my life-long project of making enough half-inchers to make a quilt some day.

Thanks, Anthea, for providing the linky. Check out Anthea's blog to see the hexie projects others have made.

That is all.



Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hexies, hexies

Encouraging Words of the Day:

Today is the Tuesday that Anthea from Hibiscus Stitches has her linky where we can "show-off"

our English paper-piecing.

I've been working on this wall hanging like forever. My sister Ida made the little house in the center to depict our little ranch house. I've been making hexies and stitching them together off-and-on for two years and decided that it was time I really got it put together. This is what I'm working on.

I'm trying to fill in all those holes and make it look pretty. Hmmmmm, better keep working on that....


Other than that, I got a few little half-inch hexie flowers done.

And finally, got these flowers done for my swap partner in the "Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap."
She asked for flowers in bright colors so I hope she likes these.
That is all.







Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Anthea's Piece Yourself Together Link

Encouraging Words of the Day:

This is our last day in California visiting our daughter and family. We’ve had a wonderful time. We spent the week-end in the mountains and that was lovely as well. My grandson and I spent part of the time trying to master the "Selfie Stick," a stick that holds your phone a little farther away than the length of your arm to aid in taking better selfies. Here’s a photo of us and a "tree face." My grandson is holding the selfie stick.

And, of course, I’ve been sewing hexies. Here are a few that I’m linking with Anthea at "Hibiscus Stitches" who is hosting an English paper-piecing linky called "Piece Yourself Together."

Check it out at the above links. Here are my hexies:



That is all.




Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter.

Encouraging Words of the Day:

Happy Easter, Everyone. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

Look at this nice little thread catcher I made. It’s useful for carrying around in your travel bag. You know we always need some place to put our hilachas (snippets) when we’re sewing on the go.

Here's how it folds up flat.

I found the tutorial for this on my friend Fiona’s blog and, with her permission, am posting the link here. You can literally accomplish this from start to finish within 30 minutes, maybe faster. Thanks, Fiona, for the tutorial.

Right now, my husband and I are in sunny California visiting our daughter and I’ve already gone to "Quilters’ Paradise" in Clovis. I just love the friendly people in that store and their inventory is fantastic. I finally broke down and bought the expensive "Hex N More" ruler there. As many hexies as I sew, I figure I really NEED this.

And, of course, I’ve been sewing hexies. Here are a few.

I need to sit down and re-count these one of these days. It seems like I have hundreds at least.

That is all.




Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Two Little Hexie Projects

Encouraging Words of the Day:

I just love working with hexies. I've got a couple of completed projects to show you today. This is a pincushion made entirely of hexagon shapes. You can't see the ones on the side that well in the photo, but those are hexagons as well. This was a really fast project.

This other project is kind of goofy looking. It's a little collapsible bowl. the rubberbands on the sides button up and hold the bowl together. It's funny looking so I'll probably never make another one since I have these two.

That is all.


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Hexie Flowers and Charity Quilts

Encouraging Words of the Day:

Time flies but you already know that. It looks like it might finally be turning into spring in our part of Texas. Yes! We’ve been on the road as usual, but that gives me time to do some hand-sewing. I’ve made LOTS of little half-inch hexie flowers. I still don’t have anywhere near the 800 or so we figured I’d need to make a decent-sized quilt but my numbers are growing. Here are a few of them:

Also completed are a couple of little quilts for the "Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge" hosted by Sarah from "Confessions of a Fabric Addict." This year there are three charities to choose from:

Option #1 – Layers of Hope - Quilting 911’s mission is to enhance the lives of 911 Telecommunications Operators and their families during times of illness, disaster, loss and tragedy by inspiring hope, faith and optimism with a quilt of warmth and comfort in order to make a positive influence in the lives of those who make a difference everyday.


Option #2 - Happy Chemo. You can choose to make quilts for Happy Chemo, an organization that provides quilts and comfort for chemo patients.


Option #3 - Because You Matter. The purpose is to make and give a quilt to a person who is having a hard time and would be comforted by a handmade quilt to snuggle up in. The focus is on children in foster care.


I’ve completed two little quilts, one for "Happy Chemo" and the other for "Because You Matter."

Click on the link above or here for more information about the "Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge."


That is all.