Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One Flower Wednesday and Day 17 of Blogtoberfest

Encouraging Words of the Day:

“One Flower Wednesday” and time to show off my little flowers. I've been making 1/2-inch hexie flowers. I'm pretty proud of the fact that I completed three flowers since our grandson keeps us pretty busy. I was able to sew during football practice :)

Click on “One Flower Wednesday” to see flowers others have made.

And, this is my 17th post for Blogtoberfest. We're over half way there, Blogtoberfesters!

Today we'll be busy doing odds and ends before leaving for home on Friday so for now,...

that is all.



  1. well I see that the "Blockoberfest Police" doesn't have to come after you this afternoon...jaja.
    And what cute little you have me looking for the "make-do's" and I didn't see any today but look at the seam line between the 2 petals on the lower left side of the first flower....looks like a little white bird with a red wing... :)

  2. My favourite day of the week! One flower wednesday (which is Thursday here!) The blogtober police idea is VERY funny! You and your sister are hilarious!

  3. It looks like you are still enjoying your CA visit - other than the gas prices. Isn't it horrible?

    Your daughter looks like quite the hunter! Does she get that from her mom?

    Your hexies are wonderful. Great job on keeping up with them and the fest.

  4. Love the hexies! I'm doing all pinks right now, so yours would fit right in.

  5. Cute little flowers! I love the one with the white print and pink fabric.

  6. You must have quite a collection of those cute little hexy flowers Irene, they are lovely!

  7. Day 17! Good for you - more than half way there.
    I love your hexies. One of these days you are going to have to take a picture of them all together - I'd love to see the different color combinations. They all look so lovely.

  8. Wow you're productive...three flowers completed in a week. Beautiful!

  9. I just love your sweet little flowers!