Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fires and Hexie Flowers

Encouraging Words of the Day:

The above words are quite true for us. There was a big fire in the area around our ranch a week ago.
We weren't there but our neighbors were. They kept us up-to-date on the fire. It came within a mile of their ranch and they're about a mile from us. In total, 16,000 acres were burned, including 4 structures which "they" said were not permanent homes. That still doesn't sound good since our ranch house is not our permanent home either. Please add the people who lost property to your prayers. The fire is now out and no longer a danger.


On to happier topics, here are a few hexie flowers I sewed on our trip to the ranch. (We're here now and all is well on our property.)

I'm linking up to Anthea's "Piece Yourself Together." Check this out to see what others are doing with their hexies.

That is all.



Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hexies With Anthea

Encouraging Words of the Day:


Hello All! I'm trying to make the Linky Party at Anthea's "Piece Yourself Together." I didn't get to the linky on time the last time. It seems like Australia is a day ahead of Texas....

So saying, here are some of my usual 1/2-inch hexie flowers, my lifetime project:

I also found an interesting project at the "sewcanshe" blog.

I actually made 6 potholders but my sister, Ida, dropped by and I gave her one. The edges look kind of crooked in the photo but they are a product of the photographer, not the seamstress. These were a fast project and actually worked best when I followed the instructions. I sewed a binding on the blue one and that was somewhat tedious. Then I decided to read the instructions and see how the tutorial said to do it. What was done in the tutorial was sewing around the lining and front all around the edges, leaving an opening for turning etc and then quilting. Much easier.

Now I'm off to see if I make the linky this time so...

that is all.