Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hands2Help Quilts

Encouraging Words of the Day:
It is now time to mail our quilts for the Hands2Help Charity sponsored by Sarah at "Confessions of a Fabric Addict." Here are my two donations to "Happy Chemo" patients.
Yes, I know they look like the same quilt but look closely and you'll notice that they are indeed different. Before she died, my MIL made a pile of fan blocks since she was fascinated by them. I've kept them through the years and finally decided to do something with them. Other things going on. A swap group I'm sewing with is working on mug rugs.  I had specified a summer mug rug from my swap partner and she surprised me with this delightful mug rug.  Thanks so much, Mary.  It's perfect.  I love those cute flip-flops.
I've had my eye on a quilt-along that's been going on since March. I finally decided that I really like it so bought the "Long Time Gone" booklet. I had been putting it off because the booklet is $32 and I thought that was pretty pricey but finally went for it since I like the quilt so much.  Now I'm playing "catch-up" and have completed 2 blocks.
 That is all.