Thursday, May 25, 2017

Hands2Help Quilts

Encouraging Words of the Day:
It is now time to mail our quilts for the Hands2Help Charity sponsored by Sarah at "Confessions of a Fabric Addict." Here are my two donations to "Happy Chemo" patients.
Yes, I know they look like the same quilt but look closely and you'll notice that they are indeed different. Before she died, my MIL made a pile of fan blocks since she was fascinated by them. I've kept them through the years and finally decided to do something with them. Other things going on. A swap group I'm sewing with is working on mug rugs.  I had specified a summer mug rug from my swap partner and she surprised me with this delightful mug rug.  Thanks so much, Mary.  It's perfect.  I love those cute flip-flops.
I've had my eye on a quilt-along that's been going on since March. I finally decided that I really like it so bought the "Long Time Gone" booklet. I had been putting it off because the booklet is $32 and I thought that was pretty pricey but finally went for it since I like the quilt so much.  Now I'm playing "catch-up" and have completed 2 blocks.
 That is all.    


Helen said...

Beautiful fan blocks and your mil would be thrilled with the result. Love the thong mug rug and your new blocks good luck with the catch up

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

Two people will keep warm with those beautiful quilts! I love the flip flop Mug rug that Mary made for sweet! The Long Time Gone quilt will really be pretty with all the different blocks.

Bonnie said...

Your fan quilts are great. What a great use of your MIL's blocks. She'd be happy to know they are going to such a great cause.

Maria said...

Beautiful fan quilts , they will be loved by someone special..
Mary's mug rug is very summery..
Your new project is lovely.

Julie Fukuda said...

Long time no see. Well, you have made up for the shortage of posts. Nice use of the fan blocks and good luck with the new project, Surely it will be worth the price of the book.

Lynette said...

Beautiful fan quilts - they will be special to those who get them. And I still haven't re set my sewing room to get started on the new BOM.....but I will :)

NaRong said...
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