Civil War Quilt-Along 2012

Jeannie from "The Learning Curve" organized a “Civil War Quilt” quilt-along.  She's done a terrific job organizing us and collecting free materials for us.  She was able to get a copy of the book " Civil War Legacies" by Carol Hopkins for each of the 12 people participating in exchange for us doing a review of the book.

by Carol Hopkins
You can buy the book at "Amazon" or  "Martingale" or "Barnes and Noble."
Each of us is making a block from a different quilt.  These blocks will be put together and made into one quilt called the "Gratitude Quilt" and then sent to the generous person who donated the books to us.  
The pictures are beautiful and vibrant on glossy paper.  The quilts are all rather small, the size of a mini quilt or wall hanging.  Mine is 29 x 35.  My blocks are each 5 ½ in square.  Actually, for the “Gratitude Quilt,” I was asked to make my block 8 ½ inches square.  I didn’t want to mess up for the “Gratitude Quilt” so I sewed several 8 ½ inch blocks for practice and then decided to just make my personal quilt a little bigger with the 8 ½ inch blocks and go for a lap quilt.  Finally, here is my Gratitude Quilt block:
There are easy instructions for cutting the fabric and putting the block together.  Even I was able to do it.

Oh, the quilt I was "assigned is called “Tomorrow, Scarlett.”  Good one for me since I am so good at putting things off for “tomorrow,” just like Scarlett O'Hara.  I have several Civil War fabrics from fat quarters I’ve bought because “they are pretty” and several from a  Civil War Fabric Swap, so I was prepared.  Each block uses a different color combination for the 12 blocks.  4 have blue center squares, 4 red, and 4 brown.  I have completed my 12 blocks and took the photo on a black background.  I will actually have a different border which I will post later (when I’ve made it, maybe tomorrow....)  Here are my 12 blocks:

The photo doesn't do them justice since the colors look rather muted.  Maybe when I photograph the finished quilt, they'll show up better.

To be continued.  Today is May 26, 2012.

 If you want to see what others in the group have made, look here at the flikr group
or visit the other participants' blogs.  Not all have blogs but I'm listing the ones who do:
I’m enjoying this project so much.  Maybe you too would enjoy “Civil War Legacies.”  These little quilts can be made up pretty quickly and they are all so beautiful.
And with 15 projects that are all small, you can quickly make one or even more in ano time.  These are the names of the patterns in the book:
Alexander's Bean Pot (37" x 43")
Stars to Freedom (32 x 32)
Edward's Quest (32 x 32)
Papa's birds (22" x 28")
Michael's victory (28" x 36")
Hooker's hat patch (29" x 33")
Lincoln's Logs (20 x 24)
Brass Buttons (20 x 22)
Miss Mary's Pinwheels (33 x 33)
Mo's Suspenders (21 x 25)
Mary Smith's Dishrag (23" x 27")
Tomorrow, Scarlett (29" x 36")
Grandpap's Cards (31 x 36)
Minnie's Moustache (22" x 28")
 Martin's Pennies (20 x 25)

I know I will be making another one, I just don't know which.  I kind of liked the idea of someone picking one for me.                                                                                

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