Take-Along Sewing Kit Tutorial

This tutorial is for a handy little kit to take with you when you’re away from home.  It’s a wonderful little take-along to hold your hand-sewing, needles, threads, all those little things you need while sitting in a doctor’s waiting room or any of those other places we find ourselves twiddling our thumbs and wishing we had remembered to bring our sewing.

Easy and fast to make.  All you need:
1.  A fat quarter of fabric for outside – green print in tutorial
2.  A fat quarter of fabric for lining – pink stripe in tutorial
3.  A piece of light weight batting 12 inches x 17 inches - white in tutorial
4.  Six Gallon-size zip lock storage bags
5.  Coordinating grosgrain ribbon

Cutting Instructions:
1.  Cut one piece 12 inches x 17 inches for outside – green print in tutorial
2.  Cut one piece 7 inches x 12 inches for pocket – green print in tutorial
3.  Cut one piece 12 inches x 17 inches for lining - pink stripe in tutorial
4.  Cut two pieces 6 inches x 6 inches for inside pockets - pink stripe in    tutorial.

Sewing instructions:

      1.            Hem each 7 inch side of the outside pocket by turning fabric ¼ inch, then ¼ inch again.

      2.            Fold both the 12 x 17 piece of outside fabric and the outside pocket you just hemmed in half crosswise.  Outside piece should measure 12 x 8 ½ when folded.  Pocket piece should measure 6 x 7 when folded.

      3.        Slip the larger piece into the smaller pocket piece. 


      4.            Lay two pieces of grosgrain ribbon on opposite sides of pocket leaving ½ inch longer than pocket on each side.  (Each of mine is 10 ½ inches long.)

       5.            Fold the ½ inch under the pocket edge. 

      6.            Sew along both sides of the ribbon, tacking the pocket down to the outside piece.

      7.            Take the inside pocket pieces (pink stripe in tutorial).  Hem the top edge of each piece.

      8.    Iron down ¼ inch on the remaining unhemmed 3 sides.

      9.            Put the lining piece and the batting together.

      10.            Pin the pocket pieces to the large 12 x 17 lining piece (pink stripe in tutorial) AND batting.  You will sew the pockets onto the lining and  batting together 
Pin the pockets 2 inches from the top and 3 inches from each side.

      11.            Sew along the three ironed sides to tack the inside pockets down.  You can also sew another line a couple of inches from the edge for a pen or scissors if desired.
      12.            Place outside piece and lining piece, right sides together ( pockets to inside) and pin. Sew 1/4 inch seam around, leaving a 5-inch opening. Clip corners, turn and iron. 

            13.             Pin 5-inch opening shut, turning seams in. Sew around entire piece. Sew another 1/4 inch in all the way around.


           14.            Take the 6 zip lock bags. Cut 3 1/2 inches off the bottom of each bag. 

           15.            Pin 3 bags on each side of the lining side. I alternated the zipper pulls to eliminate bulk being all on one side.

  16.              Cut a 12-inch piece of grosgrain ribbon and pin it along the area where the cut edges of the ziplock bags meet down the middle (fold the ends of the ribbon before sewing).  Sew along all 4 sides of the grosgrain ribbon securing the open ends of the ziplock bags to your sewing kit.

    17.            Cut two 14-inch pieces of grosgrain ribbon.  Fold the edges of each side of your kit to find the middle and pin a piece of ribbon to each side. Turn down the end and sew.

         You're done!