Monday, October 4, 2010

The beginning...

Being new to blogging, I don't even know if this will post.  But, in case it does, be it known that my first comment will be about a beautiful little quilting store I visited today while in the Clovis, California area, close to  Fresno, California where we are visiting my daughter and her family.  This little store is called Quilters' Paradise and that is exactly what it is.  I spent about an hour enjoying myself while my husband patiently waited for me.  It's great that so many stores provide the "husband waiting chairs."  Since he was waiting, I cut my visit short today and since I don't know if I'm posting this correctly on my blog, I will also cut this comment short :)


  1. I am glad you are starting to is really fun....I will become your second follower

  2. Well, I am your second follower...It would have been nice to be number one. Welcome to blogland and so nice that you joined my blog and we met. That quilt store sounded lovely. I used to teach in HISD and I lived in the Woodlands. I was born in Philly, but married an Irishman in 1997 and moved to Ireland. Have fun with your blog! I am sure that you will love blogging!

  3. I'm just learning about this "blog business." As a matter of fact, it is now October 16th and I just found these two comments made on October 5th and 6th. Thanks for visiting my blog. It was a nice surprise finding your comments. No onward I go...