Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday Post for a Tuesday Linky

Encouraging Words of the Day:

When it's Tuesday in Texas, USA, it's not Tuesday in Australia. I think. Anyway, Anthea hosts an EPP linky for us on her Tuesday in Australia. Here is is already Wednesday in Texas and I'm barely now posting so I can hook-up to Anthea's linky.

Here's a photo of my big project in progress:

This part is not that much fun as it's hard so sew all these hexies together but it's getting there.

And the accumulation of half-inch hexie flowers continues. Here are 3 more:

Thanks, Anthea for providing the linky. Click "Hibiscus Stitches" to see what others are doing with their EPP.





elliek said...

Love the little hexies.

sister outlaws said...

Oh you're teasing us with the BACK of the quilt! it will be worth doing the not so fun bits!

Needled Mom said...

Is it really cumbersome to have all of the papers in such a large piece? When do you remove them? I was taking mine out when all sides were sewn. The flowers are so pretty too.

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

I am so excited that you are putting together your little Rock Springs House and I know it is going to be so cool!

Lin said...

Great stuff - want to see the front though!! xx

Anthea said...

Wow Irene, that pic really shows so well, just how much progress you're making! Well done.

I read Needled Mom's comment - perhaps you could try taking out a few papers once all the sides of the hexy has been sewn, to reduce the stiffness & make it all easier to handle? i've done that with smaller projects & it works fine, but i can't vouch for bigger items.