Friday, March 4, 2011

Getting “in shape.”

Encouraging words of the day:
How great is our Lord! His power is absolute! His understanding is beyond comprehension!  ~ Psalm 147:5, NLT
I bought a Wii system and the Wii balance board some time back in an effort to get my body back “in shape.”  I guess it would work if I used it more consistently but like most exercise, it’s easy to slack off.  Today “it” asks me “Do you have trouble walking?” and later tells me to “try to feel the rhythm of the beat” as I fall off the WiiFit balance board.  As my son says, “I can’t believe you paid that much money to have a machine insult you.”  Oh well.

I’ll stick to my sewing machine.  Here’s my latest block on the Penny Haren  Pieced Applique.  These are getting more difficult with each block.  Here it is, my 5th block.

The “House Blocks” we’re sewing in another group are much more fun.  This month we made a barn.

I won!  I won a copy of "Redwork From the Workbasket" as well as Pearl Louise Krush's "Redwork Winter Twitterings" from the "Hand Quilting"    blog.  Thanks so much.  I’m busy now trying to select a project to  start on.

 Giveaways I've run into !

  "The Plaid Scottie" is having a giveaway which ends on March 9th for a fat quarter bundle and a copy of Denyse Schmidt Quilts.

 "1choice4quilting"  is having a giveaway of Sunkissed fabric, your choice of
1/2 Yard each of the 8 different Sunkissed fabrics or 1 Yard each of 4 different Sunkissed fabrics .  There will be 2 winners.  Closes March 14th.

"Inch Worm Fabrics"  is giving away 5 Batik fat quarters. 

And or course there’s my "Birthday Giveaway"   for a chance to win 9 fat quarters from Connecting Threads, an Olfa 45 mm refill blade, and a spool of 100% Egyptian Cotton Thread.  This ends on Tuesday, March 8th. 

About  UFOs:
I have a Dresden Plate queen size quilt I’ve been working on forever.  I am now quilting it and hope to complete it some day.  I didn’t work on it in the summer because it was too hot to have the quilt draped over my knees as I sewed.  And now that winter is almost over, I got started again.  Soon it will be too hot again, ha.
That is all.


Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

I'll have to remember your son's line next time my husband thinks he wants to buy the Wii Fit. I know he would only use it a couple of times and then it would collect dust. I love the barn block - especially your great selection of fabrics you used. Congrats on the wins! I hope you get some more quilting in on your quilt before it gets too warm.

Unknown said...

I enjoy using the wii fit, but it can be quite insulting sometimes... lol. but I just laugh and go on. :)

Barbara was here said...

Didn't I give you a picture of a house once, that was done in fabric? Maybe I dreamed it