Wednesday, February 22, 2012

No Happy Birthday Giveaway Yet and One-Flower Wednesday

Encouraging words of the day:
His faithful promises are your armor and protection.
"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass... it's about learning to dance in the rain." 
There is absolutely nothing to fear about tomorrow; for God is already there.
Today is my birthday and I just have to share the wonderful gift I received from my sister Ida who blogs at "My Sister Made Me Do It."   One of my favorite childhood books has always been “Alice in Wonderland.”  I enjoy reading all about the author, Lewis Carroll and just enjoy all the crazy antics in the book.  Knowing this, my sister made this wonderful wall hanging.
The “Queen of Hearts” is standing on the face cards (Hearts suit of course) and wearing beautiful crazy quilt velvety, satiney, shiny robes,  The bottom part of the wall hanging has a row of white roses which are appropriately being painted red.  “We’re painting the roses red, painting the roses red . . . .“  There are rabbits and cheshire cats, mad hatters, etc all around and Ida has quilted those in a spiral so they look like rabbit holes.  It is all lovely and Ida has, per her trademark, left “Hilachas” hanging off the quilting on the back  This is the “perfect” birthday present, on top of the ipad cover pattern, selvage ends for the something I’m making some day from selvages, thread, and a gorgeous turquoise straw bag just waiting for the first day of spring!  Thanks, Ida.  You’re one in a million.
And, how appropriate that my birthday falls on the day of the week in which Karen at One Flower Wednesday  has organized a linky for all of to share our hexagon flowers, one of my favorite days.  Here are my flowers.  I’m “killing two birds with one stone” today as these flowers are for my partner at the "Inchy Hexagon Flower-Swap."  I’ve been so busy otherwise that I didn’t make my own hexie flower this week.
AND, I do not know how this dotted line appears nor do I know how to get rid of it.  Delete does not work.  I can't highlight it.  Oh well. . . .
Now, about my “Happy Birthday Giveaway,” now changed to “My After Birthday Giveaway,” because I ordered something to include in my giveaway and it has not yet arrived.  But, here is a preview of something that will be included.
 I have made this little kit to take with you when you’re away from home.  It’s a wonderful little take-along to hold your hand-sewing, needles, threads, all those little things you need while sitting in a doctor’s waiting room or any of those other places we find ourselves twiddling our thumbs and wishing we had remembered to bring our sewing.  It has all these little ziplock bags to put your stuff in . . .
 I’ve also managed to add a page called “Tutorials” to my blog and have included the tutorial for this handy little kit I’m including in  “My After Birthday Giveaway,”  if you don’t want to wait and see if you win the giveaway.  Coming soon!
Real Giveaways:
"Flamingo Toes" is giving us the chance to win Pellon stabilizers.
That is all.


  1. hap...HAP-HAPPY...Birfaday!!


  2. Looks like you lucked out in the sister department. What winners you both are! Best wishes for a very happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday to You!

    Your hexies look great and what a wonderful sister you have!

  4. Happy birthday, I loved your sister's work and thoughts in the quilt.

    Your tutorial was awesome,

  5. Happy Birthday! Cute to-go bag!!

  6. Happy Birthday Irene! Wonderful take-along bag and some pretty flashy flowers.

  7. Me again! Forgot to say, wonderful gift from your sister.

  8. Happy Birthday! I just love your sister's smart & sassy gift. One of my favorite "Queen of Hearts" was played by Helena Bonham Carter. Thanks for post!

  9. Happy Birthday! I hope you've had an awesome day! I love the gift from you sister! Also, I received the fugly fabric. It's really lovely thank you!

  10. Happy birthday.

    I love the Queen of Hearts hanging. Was it your sister's own design?

  11. Happy Birthday!
    I follow Ida as well as you but I didn't realise she was your sister!!

  12. Happy Birthday! Can't wait to check out your tutorials!! How fun! It's like a birthday gift for us!!

  13. A belated happy birthday! I totally love the gift from your sister. The queen, the cards, the roses. It is all perfect. I also really like your modern hexie flowers. Nice job.

  14. I like the spring fabric. I just became a follower. I don't have a blog so guess I only have one chance! Happy birthday.