Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Somewhat busy...

I have been somewhat busy.  We're still at our little ranch in the Hill Country hunting whitetail deer and feral hogs.  So far, we have not had any luck.  This is the last week we have to try to kill a doe so we can make deer jerky.  We actually only go hunting in the late afternoons.  Anyone that knows me knows that I am NOT a morning hunter.  So during the day time I'm doing a little quilting.  I made my little hexagon flower for "One Flower Wednesday."  What I really like about these little flowers is that the materials can be carried around wherever you go and you always have something to sew.  I haven't actually taken my sewing to the deer blind but am considering doing that.  Maybe.

Then I entered the Penny Haren Pieced Applique Block of the Month group where we're  doing some sewing each week.  I like that we have something to work on each week.   I completed these foundation blocks on the first week and am busy working on this week's foundation blocks.  I'm  not sure how the final product will look but the pictures in the book are beautiful.  I might have something wonderful to show some day.
And then I made the Layer Cake Block #6.  We have a block to make every two weeks.  Ta da...Here it is.  I think it's pretty good considering my first blocks were not too good.  I'm improving.  Yes!


  1. You've made some nice progress. I looked into Penny Haren's concept - borrowed Penny's book from a friend - and decided it wasn't for me. I like to get to the sewing part, not so much prep work. But good for you to do it. I can appreciate the effort you're putting into it.

    Hope you get the critters you want. Enjoy!

  2. Your flower has a very nice middle! I like it!

    Greetings Marion

  3. Love the fussy cut bird house in your hexie - adorable. Your Layer Cake block looks great!!

  4. So cute that little bird house you placed inside your darling hexie!

    Your blocks are lovely. Thanks for sharing.

    Carolyn :)

  5. Sweet, sweet flower and your blocks are wonderful!!!

  6. I Love your little Birdie House in the centre..It is so cute,,Your blocks are looking good too...Kate x

  7. Darn, I had a post and it deleted it, I guess I need to learn to use this. LOL
    I love your little flowers, they are so pretty! I can't quilt, but I think this is something that could translate into mosaic designs!

  8. Good on you for keeping up with your BOM's. Your fussy cut little hexie is gorgeous, a clever idea. Welcome to the hexie-group - I too love the portability of the project.

  9. Schöne Blume!
    Wenn ich meinen Flowergarden fertig habe muss ich glaube ich weiterquilten. Man bekommt soooo viele Anregungen bei euch allen!

    Liebe Grüße!