Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Flower Wednesday again.

These encouraging words of the day seem so appropriate for what’s going on in the world today.
Pray this way for kings and all who are in authority so that we can live peaceful and quiet lives marked by godliness and dignity. ~ 1 Timothy 2:2, NLT

I’ve been reading an interesting book given to me by my sister.  It’s full of all sorts of interesting information.  For example, did you know that in the 1950s, 75% of American households had sewing machines?  Now it’s less than 5%.  I guess, we’re too busy and many don’t have the time to sew.  I’m glad we’re in the minority.
It’s “One-Flower Wednesday” once again.  I’m getting to where I really enjoy these days.  Last week I completed 2 flowers and this week I, once again, completed 2 flowers so my garden is starting to grow.  So, ta da!

Oh.  We have a new blogger in “Blog Land.”  I have finally convinced one of my sisters to start a blog.  She is working on it as I type this.  If you get a chance, visit her blog and encourage her.  I know that it helped me so much with all the encouragement I got from all the blog friends I’ve made.   Here’s the link: My sister made me do it.

Some giveaways I’ve run into, including my own  "Happy Birthday Giveaway"
or check yesterday’s blog entry for my “Birthday Giveaway”  for a chance to win 9 fat quarters from Connecting Threads, an Olfa 45 mm refill blade, and a spool of 100% Egyptian Cotton Thread.

"Jaybird Quilts"  is giving away a half yard bundle of Magnolia Lane along with other companion fabrics... totaling 7 half yards of fabric!  This giveaway ends Thursday, February 24, at 10 pm EST.

 "So Happy Me" is having a Fabric Giveaway with a very generous bundle of 19 fat quarters of fabric.  You don’t have much time to enter this as it ends midnight (UTC time) on Wednesday  23rd February and I’m not sure when UTC time is.
Things I need to do today are work on my Layer Cake block and then, of course, there are always those dreadful UFOs so…
that is all.


  1. Very nice, I especially like the left one.

  2. Very nice flowers. I am still in shock that only 5% of the homes have sewing machines.

  3. Wow.. not only for your fowers, but also for these wonderful inspiring words.

    Thank you for visiting my weblog!

  4. Love your latest flowers! Interesting fact about the sewing machines. If the price of fabric keeps climbing there will less of them used.

  5. Very good Word you gave us today:)

    I love your flowers and the fabrics you chose.

    Love the name of your sister's blog! Too cute. Will check it out:)

  6. What a great verse! And I am glad I have my sewing machine too.

  7. I like your flowers! And 5% isn't that much. i'm curious what the rate would be in Holland.

  8. Love the verse. Love the flowers. Love your sister's blog title. As for machines, that was how we got clothes we could afford back in those days. You know, those feed sacks that are now "vintage". If I lived in something bigger than a rabbit hutch I'd probably have a machine today.

  9. Ta da! they are beautiful flowers! And, interesting fact about sewing machines, very surprising. Now, off to see your sister!

  10. Very pretty flowers...your garden is going to be beautiful..xx

  11. Lovely flowers! Belated birthday wishes!