Saturday, January 21, 2012

Terrific Giveaway!

Fine.  I made her start a blog, now “my little sister” is having her first giveaway at:
"My Sister Made Me Do It.."   She’s having a terrific giveaway (probably trying to out-do me).  Anyway, just look at all this stuff: 

6 Fat Quarters from ConnectingThreads,  

a pair of Fons&Porter Machine Quilting Grip Gloves, 

a sewing machine pin cushion, a package of  Steam a Seam2  double stick web,

a copy of Fast, Flirty, and Fun Easy Quilts From Fabulous Fabrics by Sarah M. Bisel,  

and a cute bunny wall hanging that she made.

You have until January 27th to enter.  She’ll announce the winner next Saturday!  Good luck!


Quiltin' Sandy said...

Hi from Down Under. I have been one of your followers for quite a while and earlier today I became a follower of your Sister's blog!!! ( did not know there was a connection):)
it is a truly lovely and generous giveaway. Sandy. :)

JJ said...

I know the sister thing. Mine got me addicted to this blogging. Which I was refusing to do.

QuiltSue said...

That is a very generous giveaway. I'm off to enter, thanks for telling us about it.

Your Friend Susie said...

I haven't been to your blog for awhile, had no idea you had a sister with a blog too! I stopped by to see it, I need to be sure to stop by hers again, and make yours a regular thing. I have been so bad! :)

Jennifer Gail said...

Glad you made her do it. I grabbed your button.I'm slow.

Beeshebags said...

And I was lucky enough to win Ida's giveaway. I hope you don't mind, but I'm following you now too. Thank you for 'making her do it' lol Hugs Naomi