Sunday, March 13, 2016

Neighborhood Block Party Houses

Encouraging Words of the Day:

Block houses for the Neighborhood Block Party continue to arrive. Just look at these beauties!

Coralie sent this pretty little house with those cuties peeking out of the windows. Love that roof!

This pretty house if from Lynette. Look at those swirly walls, looks like creative stucco. And is that an Angel at that window? Interesting sky.
The next house was made by Sara. What a creative use of fabric! That looks like the vines I have growing on my actual house.
Another creative use of fabric in Jennifer's house below, with a button door knob. I like that wonky red tree that seems to be swaying in the wind.
Danette sent the next house. It never ceases to amaze me the way different fabrics can be used. Every wall in this house is different and the effect is so pretty. Look at the sky too. Why do I always think I have to find blue fabric for my sky? It looks like it's snowing in this scene.
Look at the seamstress standing in the doorway of Ruth's house. I love her pincushion hat.
Jinnie sent in this house. It looks like a beach house. You can't see it too well from the photo, but that's a rose bush growing in front of the house, pretty roses in that fabric.

Ruth also sent in this house. You can almost hear the music, what with the girl playing the tambourine and that gentleman playing the piano. You can actually see those music notes coming out of the walls and roof.
Teagan sent this pretty red polka-dotted house. I like the cloud effect with the blue fabric in the sky.
Here's another pretty sky in Sue's block. Such a pretty sky above some cute apartment houses.
Sue actually sent in 3 house blocks. This sky has some golden sparkles which don't show up well in the photo but they actually make it look like a starry sky. What a pretty winter scene this is, down to the adorable snowman.
This last house block from Sue is a beautiful Victorian-like house, just look at the beautiful, lacy roof edges. And then there's that pretty little doggy beside the house...
There's still a couple of days before the drawing so if you haven't seen your house, (I have previously posted pictures of houses if yours isn't in today's posting.) maybe it's still making it's way to my mailbox. Coralie (first house above) was commenting that it had taken a month for her house to get from Canada to Texas since I just received it on Friday. Please let me know if you've mailed your house block and haven't seen it posted.
That is all.


My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

I just Love all the houses our "Neighbors" have sent in! Someone will get some great blocks for their project!

Julie Fukuda said...

Those house blocks are all so creative. What fun!!!

Lynette said...

Wow!!! So many cute houses. How exciting. Thank you for organizing this party!

Unknown said...
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zerry ht said...

These are cute photos. I loved all these creativities. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I am seeking such fun ideas for my son’s party which I am thinking to host at one of outdoor venues in NYC. I want to make his 16th birthday truly memorable.