Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Me? Quarrelsome?

Encouraging words of the day:
When I read these “encouraging words of the day” I kind of laughed and said, “Yeah, right” and did not feel encouraged at all.  Then I continued reading and thought there might be something of me in this… hmmmmmmmmmmm. 

A quarrelsome wife is as annoying as constant dripping on a rainy day. Stopping her complaints is like trying to stop the wind or trying to hold something with greased hands. - Proverbs 27:15-16, NLT

Quarrelsome nagging, a steady stream of unwanted advice, is a form of torture. People nag because they think they're not getting through, but nagging hinders communication more than it helps.

When tempted to engage in this destructive habit, stop and examine your motives. Are you more concerned about yourself--getting your way, being right--than about the person you are pretending to help? If you are truly concerned about other people, think of a more effective way to get through to them. Surprise them with words of patience and love, and see what happens.

I haven’t blogged for a couple or three days.  Easter was wonderful.  What a glorious holiday.  I hope all my blogging friends had a wonderful Easter as well.  Yesterday we started our road trip to the Texas Hill Country.  It was not as beautiful a drive as usual as we are in the middle of a terrible drought and all of the beautiful flowers that should be blooming are NOT.  It is still lovely with all the beautiful trees.  Here are a couple of pictures from our front yard.

Oh, and while on our road trip, I sewed on my hexies and am ready for "One-Flower Wednesday".  I sewed 16 hexies on our 8-hour trip but I’m only posting 3 of them so I’ll have some extras in case I fall behind, hahaha.  Plan ahead as “they” say.  It takes me 25 mintues to make one flower if the shapes are already basted.

And the “Penny Haren Applique Quilt-Along” continues.  This block is called Barb's Spinning Star.  Have I mentioned that these blocks seem to gradually be getting harder?

Has anyone done the “Dear Jane Stickle” quilt?  I’m thinking of starting one (yes, after all the moaning and groaning I’ve done with the “Penny Haren Applique Quilt-Along.”  How hard could it be?  Is it hard or time-consuming or both?

Giveaways I've run into:

"Oops Lah" is having a marvelous fabric giveaway.  - Ends May 9th.
"Dawn's Quilt Corner" is giving away two sets of 6 fat quarters. – ends April 30th.
"Kool Beenz" has a 7 piece 1/2 yd fabric bundle to give away. – ends April 29th.
"Aunt Nicole's Corner" has a giveaway of an  Essential Dots by Moda fat quarter pack and pre-cut strips in Basic Grey – ends April 30th.

That is all.


Needled Mom said...

I think we all feel as though we are nagging at times. It is at times like that when we need to step back and rethink.

I have heard about the terrible drought. The pictures don't show it, but I am sure you must notice it in your drive.

The hexie picture did not come through, but I am sure they are wonderful. Yes, that block does look like it was a challenge.

A Dear Jane quilt is one that I have always wanted to do too. I think they would make great car projects.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to imagine a drought when we're having so much rain! The farmers are weeks behind in their plantings.

I don't want to be a quarrelsome wife either. It's a work in progress. Thanks for sharing today.

Renate Bischoff said...

You have been very busy! 16 flowers!!! Your garden is growing.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Your flowers are beautiful! You had me concerned that I was a very slow hexie flower creater when you said it only you took you 25 minutes to create one. And then I read that was if you had the hexagons all ready to go - WHEW! I'm right on track. Your Penny Haren block is magnificent!!

Jeanette said...

Your flowers are very lovely. happy Stitching,

Dolly Cloth said...

your garden is growing great.

Karen said...

Excellent flowers and lovely block! Dear Jane is time consuming, but is it hard? I would say not. You just have to be a very patient person. I am piecing mine by hand.

Quilter Raised in the South said...

I love the blues you chose and the contrast with the centers!

Roxanne said...

I like your blue flowers. Very nice.