Monday, November 7, 2011

Deer Hunting in the Hill Country and My Jane I-11

Encouraging words of the day:

So let's stop condemning each other. Decide instead to live in such a way that you will not cause another believer to stumble and fall.
Romans 14:13, NLT

Both strong and weak Christians can cause their brothers and sisters to stumble. The strong but insensitive Christian may flaunt his or her freedom and intentionally offend others' consciences. The scrupulous but weak Christian may try to fence others in with petty rules and regulations, thus causing dissension. Paul wants his readers to be both strong in the faith and sensitive to others' needs.

It’s Deer Hunting Season in the Texas Hill Country so that has been occupying my time.  On “Opening Day,” the Chamber of Commerce hold a big barbecue for the hunters so we always look forward to this.  The merchants and people of Rocksprings donate hundreds (well at least a hundred) of gifts for drawings held continuously.  I mean, as soon as one prize is one, there is a drawing from the barrel for the next one.  These will range all the way from a pair of mohair socks to expensive rifles and deer feeders.  Probably about 500 people attend to the chances of coming away with a prize are high.  So, we came away with a deer cleaning kit, a picture of two white-tail deer, and a 22 caliber rifle.  Our neighbors sat with us and won a $50 gift certificate to a local store, a roaster oven, a 22-caliber rifle, and a lamp made of deer horns (which they gave to me).  It was a wonderful evening. I know you want to see the deer horn lamp so, ta da,
So things like that are what have been keeping me occupied although none of us has bagged a whitetail deer.  It must be that the drought we’ve had has affected the deer population to some degree.  I really don’t know, but we haven’t even seen anything to shoot at.  And yes, we do eat the meat.  We love venison jerky and process any deer we kill.
I’ve been sewing these little sewing machine pin cushions.  It attaches to the arm of your sewing machine so you don’t have to be searching around for your pin cushion as you sew.  I saw it somewhere on the internet and thought to myself, “I could make that.”  So I did and here’s how it turned out.  I made one for my mother who sews and for my sewing sister too.
And, finally, here’s another of “My Jane” blocks I made on the trip home.  Here is I-11.

I’m still going slowly on blogging and wondering when that will pick up…

That is all.


Caroline said...

I absolutely love the lamp. I remember on one of our summer travels a few years back, in Red Lodge, MT or Jackson Hole, WY or maybe Cody, WY, we found a store where most of the stuff in it was made out of deer, elk or moose antlers. I wanted to take one of everything home. I didn't though, because my husband said "I can make that", I'm still waiting! My husband and son both hunt and we also use the meat. We mostly make it into sausage and my son makes some jerky.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

You made quite a haul at the bbq - congratulations. Venison jerky is the best. Wonderful block you made :)

Sandra said...

Love that little pin cushion! Great idea! How is it attached to your machine?

Needled Mom said...

I love those little pincushions attached to the machine!

I'll bet the drought did have an impact on the deer population. That is quite a drawing with all of those goodies.

Your block looks terrific!

Dirt Road Quilter said...

Hope you get the chance to make some jerkey this year. The drought has been rough and I hear it's going to be around for a bit. Sounds like your barbeque was a lots of fun though. Love your lamp and your pincushions.

Julie Fukuda said...

That is some lamp. Don't drop it on your toe! The party sounds like more fun than the hunting to me.