Friday, November 4, 2011

Isolated Big Shop and My Jane I-6

Encouraging words of the day: 
Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you." - Deuteronomy 31:6
Oh, during my trip to the Gulf Shores in Alabama for our OFOF (Old Farts & Old Friends) convention, some of us broke away and tried to find 3 quilting shops.  We found that one had closed, couldn’t find one, but did find the last one.  It was pretty much a miracle that we found it with the directions the owner gave us.  It was located on a side street, deep in the trees, 
with a very small sign by the side of the road.  I happened to see it as we drove past the turn-off.  We drove down a little country lane, thinking the whole time that this was the wrong place.  We already knew how difficult it was to find.  How did the place do business?  Then when we drove up to the only building at the end of the land, it looked like a private residence.  No “quilt shop” sign.  But, since we’d come all this way, we figured we’d go up to the building, knock, and ask whoever answered the door, if the knew the directions to a near-by quilt shop.  Imagine our surprise when the door was answered and we found a quilt shop with 5 rooms full of beautiful bolts of fabric, fat quarters, patterns, beautiful sample quilts and purses, notions, everything you can imagine.  The owner was perfectly lovely and made us feel at home.  No other custormers were around nor did any arrive while we were there so we were still left wondering how she does business.  Here’s a picture of “S.E.A. Quilt Shoppe” in Gulf Shores, Alabama.
 And yes, we made several purchases.
Ummmmm, what else.  I have lots of fabric, that's for sure.  Oh yes, on our way home, we flew into San Antonio and had to make the 2 ½ hour drive to the ranch.  We stopped at a liquor store to buy beer and wine and to my surprise, right next door was a quilt store.  Sheer luck.  So yes, I bought more fabric.  Darn, I’d better get busy and start doing something with all this fabric.
I worked on a couple of “My Jane” blocks on the trip home and have those to show you. Here is I-6.

I’m still going slowly so have only found 2 giveaways to blog about:

Hanging On By A Thread is having a giveaway. You could win MyMemories software or darling cross stitched snowman. -  ends November 24.

Just One More Stitch is having a sponsored giveaway. You could win a White Christmas fat quarter bundle from Fort Worth Fabric Studio. -  ends Nov 5.

That is all.


Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Your block is wonderful. How fun to find a hidden gem amoung the trees :)

sunny said...

I'm glad you found the one shoppe! Sounds like a great find. It would be sad to come home without any new fabric. Because we all need new fabric. LOL!

Jessica said...

That's so surprising - I love it when things don't look as they seem (and then you saw all that fabric!)

Cheryll said...

Sounds like a FUN few days! :)

Needled Mom said...

How on earth does it stay in business? Glad you found it.

Your DJ looks fabulous.

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

Ok let me try again since the first comment I thought I posted got lost in cyberspace. (Or maybe this will be a second post, LOL). So anyway, what I said in the lost post was something to the effect of, "OK enough gallivanting all over the country...time to come home and show me all your new treasures!"
Also, I confessed that a couple of weeks ago I researched the My Jane Quilt to see what your were talking about when you mentioned your My Jane blocks and now I am even more impressed with your quilting life!
So now before this comment becomes a novel I will end with a reminder to you that I love my Sister!
Be safe.

Barbara said...
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Barbara said...

Nice blog, Irene. I will try this comment again. Too many spelling mistakes on the last one. We did have fun finding that little quilt shop. I hope she stays in business. Love your My Jane blocks. Keep at it and you'll finish in no time.