Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back in El Paso With One-Flower Wednesday

Encouraging words of the day:

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. ~ Hebrews 13:8, NLT
We’re back in El Paso after spending a lovely 2 weeks with our older son and family in Virginia.  Now I’m playing “catch-up” trying to remember what I was sewing and where I put everything away.  I finally made a list that will take me forever to complete.  Anyway, while at the beach, I managed to make these 3 little ½ inch flowers for  One Flower Wednesday.  I actually make them for last Wednesday but since that’s the day we were flying home, I never managed to post them so, “ta da,” I have something for today.  “All’s well that ends well.”
You can check  One Flower Wednesday to see more flowers made by fellow bloggers.  Thanks, Karen, for keeping us going with our hexie flowers.

Speaking of hexagons, I recently ran into some beautiful patterns and joined a “Hexathon.”  Here’s my first one:

I had a nice package in the mail also.  I won 5 Civil War fat quarters in the “Hands2Help Challenge” where I sent a charity quilt.  Everyone who sent a charity quilt won something and my winnings were from Annie at “Ruby Slipperz.”  Thanks, Annie.  I just love Civil War fabrics and Annie asked me what type of fat quarters I wanted and here they are along with some pretty little embroidery scissors.  Thanks, Annie!

I want to mention a traveling stash box that my sister Ida, from "My sister made me do it," and I put together.  It’s filled with goodies that we hope you’ll like. Please check it out here.

That is all.


Needled Mom said...

Welcome home! Glad you had a safe trip back.

Your hexies look wonderful, but I really like the hexathon block! That looks like fun.

Congratulations on your fun win.

Jossie said...

Lovely flowers. The Hexathon flower is gorgeous!

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

OH My Gosh!!! I just LOVE what you did with your header! Look at your quilts all displayed there on the walls of the fruit stand! And the little fruit baskets...I hope you aren't trying to sell your crazy quilt after all the years you worked on it! jajaja.......well I raved on so long about your creativity on your header that I hardly left enough room to rave about your hexies and your hexagon block for the Hexathon, which by the way, YOU CAN'T MAKE ME JOIN because I already joined too many things....LOL........But it really is a beautiful block....good job.

Julie Fukuda said...

I too just returned from my trip to see the kids. I like that fancy hexagon and might be tempted had I not sworn off for a while.
I agree with your sister that your header is always so creative.

Doniene said...

So happy that your vacation was fun and the travel was safe!! Lovely projects and oooolala, such a lovely win!!


Karen said...

Love the beach flowers Irene and the Hexathon block is very cool! Great wins also.

Carla said...

Hi there. Lovely hexagons! Both are so pretty! Always nice to come home.

Anthea said...

Lovely hexy flowers this week Irene, & wow I love the sound of a 'hexathon'!