Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One-Flower Wednesday and My Jane C-10 and RS-7

It's  One Flower Wednesday. I'm ready because I did a lot of hand-sewing on our trip out to the ranch.  I made lots of 1/2 inch petals.

And I made these little flowers.  I think there's a "make-do" flower 

amongst them, easy to sew "make-do" flowers when you're 

traveling since these petals are so small and so easy to lose.  Funny 

thing is I never seem to find the pieces.   One of these days, when 

we clean out our pickup, the lost pieces will all show up and I'll sew

them into a scrap hexie flower.  Here are my flowers for this week. 

Thank you, Karen for keeping us on-task with our flowers.

We've had no luck hog hunting.  The days here, however, are now 

beautiful autumn days.  It's not cold and not hot.  It's just perfect 

weather so that is good.

I've been working on "My Jane" blocks.  One I’m showing you 

today is easy paper-piecing.  Well, it was time-consuming because 

the pieces are so tiny.  Anyway, here it is looking funny because of 

the photographer.  It's really not as crooked as it seems to be.


This other block is an appliquéd triangle block I worked on while traveling.   


That is all.


Kelli Fannin Quilts said...

Amazing Jane blocks, and those hexies are TINY!! Great job. :)

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

Awww...those little hexies are so cute! And I'm really loving your "make-do" ones.....I recognize the fabric in the yellow one.....Wow I really love the Jane block....has a kind of Turquoise/Native American look to it, kind of reminds me of those squaw dresses Mama made a long time ago.......

Julie Fukuda said...

Even with zip-lock baggies, those little buggers sometimes go travelling with their own agenda.

Karen said...

You are moving right along with your Dear Jane, time I made another one. So many tiny petals, you will probably find lots in the pickup!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Beautiful Dear Jane blocks, Irene and your tiny Hexies will be delightful when you stitch them together! The garden of Hexies are going to be a wonderful quilt! Oh where, oh where have your little "Hexies" gone???

: Carolyn

Needled Mom said...

The DJ blocks are amazing. I LOVE the first one!! Those pices must be TINY!

Glad that you are enjoying the time and weather. It sounds beautiful.

Your hexies are super cute too. I love seeing the whole pile of them together.

Celtic Thistle said...

You will have hexie confetti when you clear out your truck! Such tiny petals I am mightily impressed :)

Mary said...

You are making great progress, most especially considering your travel schedule. How are you going to use your flowers?