Monday, November 12, 2012

A Mini Quilt while waiting for my sister...

Encouraging Words of the Day

It's getting cold in the Texas Hill Country. Yesterday it was sunshiney and beautiful, today it's cold. A bright spot in the day, My sister Ida from "My sister made me do it..." is on her way to Rocksprings along with my nephew Josh. I've got stew going in the slow cooker and I'm wearing out my eyes looking out the window even though I KNOW it's a 6 1/2 hour trip from El Paso and they won't be in until late afternoon. I'm excited.

I've been getting my little 2.5 inch squares ready to mail for a swap I'm in with the Curious Quilter Postage Stamp Swap so I guess I'll drive into town and mail those. I also finished my mini quilt for the "It's a Mini Quilt-Along." This one is called "Flying Around in Circles" and is made of flying geese. I'm not real good at making flying geese so this was somewhat of a nightmare. I finally finished sewing and un-sewing and re-sewing it. A few of the points got sewn over but, oh well, here it is. It looks real good from a distance :)


That is all.



  1. How cute is that?! I love those colors and I happen to think it's perfect. I'm intimidated by flying geese, but I just bought the Lazy Girl No Math Flying Geese Ruler and I'll keep my fingers crossed that it does what it says it will do. :) Cute name too!

  2. It looks good to me!! Have a wonderful time with your sister - as if I need to tell you that!!!

  3. Looks good to me too! That's why I paper-piece my flying geese now - so much easier! Have a fun time with your sister and nephew! :*)

  4. ohh that looks a lovely mini, gorgeous :)

  5. It's fantastic Irene! Your piecing is so neat and the colours are great too.
    Well Done!

  6. Enjoy your visit with Ida and really cute mini quilt.