Saturday, November 10, 2012

Company Coming and My Jane RS4 and TR5

Encouraging Words of the Day

Still no luck hunting. We continue to see doe. We did see a buck last evening but it was too dark to shoot. It seems like they are smart enough to know not to come out in daylight. I guess there are so many people shooting at them during hunting season, that they've learned to hide. My sister is coming to Rocksprings next week along with my nephew. It will be so great if he was able to shoot a buck or a feral hog. My husband and I are all excited to have them. My husband and nephew will enjoy just shooting at targets, much less hunting together so it's all good.

"My Jane" had been thinking I had abandoned her but I've finally gotten back to my sewing machine and completed two of "My Jane" side blocks. These blocks are no harder to sew than the square center blocks but for some reason, I'd rather sew the center blocks. I guess I'd better get over that feeling since there are 52 of those side blocks. The good think is that "Aunt Reen" mixes them in occassionally with the center blocks on her blog "13 Months of Jane." Needless to say, I will not complete "My Jane" in 13 months. I started sewing "My Jane" on my own in May 2011 and then found "Aunt Reen's Tutorial" in May 2012 so I had a head start on Aunt Reen's goal of finishing by June 2013 but I'm already about 30 blocks behind on that goal. Oh well, that gives me a life-time goal to try for. So saying, here are TR-5 and RS-4.


Now I'm off to do some more sewing since it's looking like a gloomy, windy day here. Good day to stay indoors and sew so...

that is all.



  1. Wow the two Jane blocks are so pretty. I Love RS-4 the best! We are looking forward to visiting you at the ranch...if nothing else maybe the guys can kill!
    I have been meaning to tell you that I love your new header....I always look forward to seeing what you come up with to decorate your little house each season change....

  2. I love those kind of winter days to stay inside. I got the charms in the mail yesterday. Thank you!

  3. Your DJ blocks are wonderful - great job! It took me 4 years to complete my DJ, and it is still not quilted. I really want to make sure I can do it justice when I quilt it, so it is sitting until I'm ready :*)

  4. I know your sister is excited about her trip and I am sure that you two will find lots of trouble to get into ;)

    Glad to see the DJ blocks coming back again. They look great.

  5. Fifty two! Whoa! What a terrific achievement it will be to finish it - no matter how long it takes. Why the rush? No gloomy Sunday here. Lovely sunny Spring day!

  6. Your blocks are amazing! I especially like the RS-4. Good luck with the hunt.

  7. Hi there. thanks for visiting my blog today. I added your button to my blog :)