Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm Losing It. Really.

Encouraging words of the day:
It's been raining across TX all weekend. Thank you,  Lord,  for this gift of rain.  Praise God for the rain we have received.  Praying that it continues so it can replenish the earth here and in other parts of the country and the world.
Argggggghhhhhh.  I’m losing it.  Really.  I’ve lost my little Autumn Bear which I put out each autumn for the season.  I’ve lost the charger to my camera.  I had it and can’t find it anywhere.  I’ve lost my back-up camera.  It’s not where I always put it.  So, yes, I’m losing everything.  I’ve looked in all the places these items could be and all the places that would be a ridiculous place for them to be.  Nothing, nada, zilch.  My sister from "My sister made me do it..."  blog, by the way, tells me that she does stuff like that when she is over-extended so that is probably my problem as well.  I have so many things I want to do versus so many things I need to do that I find myself running all over.  I won’t bore you with the details since I know that most of us live this way.  I haven’t had much time in my sewing room, boo-hoo-hoo.  I did cut out my charm squares for the “"I Spy Swap."  I cut them all out correctly but I got carried away with the bugs and cut 9 extras (the upside down set).  I was on a roll and cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, cut.
Don't forget about my "Blogiversary Giveaway."  Ends October 15th.

Time to bo to ged.
That is all.


sister outlaws said...

Love the western boot fabric! Sounds like you need to take a break before losing it some more! Oh and to answer your question - no it's not common to eat tortillas in Australia but my husband and me love all things Mexican and Western and we have a tortilla press and buy the masa harina from a local Spanish supermarket. We hope to live in Texas one day!
Hope you find the lost things!

Jessica said...

Maybe try to take a day to relax, away from everything sewing related, even. I hope you find the things you lost!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

I hope you find all the missing items soon! Darling I Spy fabrics!!

Needled Mom said...

It's so frustrating, but at least I know that I am in good company.

Julie Fukuda said...

Ha, Ha, Ha! I think your stuff is out partying with that piece of fabric I have not been able to find.