Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Novelty and Colors Layer Cake Swap

Entries for this swap are now closed.  Thank you for dropping in. Please check back for future swaps at this blog.

The charm square swaps are wonderful, but doesn’t it seem like you never quite get enough of that beautiful piece of fabric?  So, two sisters , "Hilachas" and "My Sister Made Me Do It" (yes, I made her do this too…) got together and decided to host the “Novelty and Colors Layer Cake Swap” to give us just a little bit more of that novelty print or color.

The rules for this swap are basically the same as for most swaps: 

We are going to swap layer cake squares (10 inches x 10 inches) in a rainbow of colors along with novelty layer cake squares of your choice.

1. Each person who enters the swap should list their first three choices of a solid/blender color in their comment. If possible, we will try to give you the color of your choice when colors are assigned. Once all the swap slots are filled, you will be emailed your color assignment. This is necessary so that we don't all receive too many squares of one color. If you are a no-reply blogger, please include your email address in your comment. 

Colors may be solids, blends, or tone-on-tone (fabric that reads as solid is a good choice).
These prints all read as a solid color, although they are also a print:

Available colors will be:
1 - red, scarlet
2 - dark red
3 - light pink
4 - pink, fuchsia
5 - mauve
6 - light blue
7 - navy blue
8 - peacock blue or turquoise
9 -green, kelly or emerald
10 - green, yellow green or lime
11 - green, teal
12 - yellow
13 - gold
14 - light orange, tangerine
15 -dark orange, pumpkin
16-  purple - amethyst or eggplant
17 - lilac
18 - brown, dark cocoa
19 - brown, light
20 - tan
21 - black
22 - gray
23 - cream
24 - white

2. Purchase a yard of fabric in your assigned color and a yard of your choice of a novelty fabric. 

3. Each swapper will submit a total of 24 squares:  12 squares of an UN-washed 100% cotton solid and 12 squares of an UN-washed 100% novelty fabric. Choose a fabric that has a small print.   Scale of the print is very important as smaller works better in this case since it’s just a 10 inch square. We have set up a Flickr group. Please post your novelty fabrics to assure all fabrics are different.  Check to make sure your fabric has not already been selected by another participant.
4. Fabric must be new and unwashed and must come from a smoke free environment.
5. Before sending your fabric, you will need to cut your fabric into 10 x 10 inch squares.  You may want to purchase a slight overage in case you make mistakes cutting your layer cake.
1 yard = 12 layer cake squares (10”  x 10”) if your fabric is 42 inches wide.
Squares should be carefully rotary cut from UN-washed 100% cotton fabric. Fabrics that fray easily, or are fairly easy to see through are not good candidates for this swap. Please choose a quality fabric that you would like to receive.
Selvages MUST be removed entirely from both ends. Be sure to remove ALL selvage holes.
6.  Include a 3x5 index card with your name, email address, mailing address.

Swap open for registration  until March 28th  or until 24 have joined whichever comes first.....

In your packet enclose:
1.  1 gallon size zip lock bag with 12 layer cake squares (10” x 10”) of your color or blend fabric.  
2.  1 gallon size zip lock bag with 12 layer cake squares(10” x 10”) of your novelty fabric.
3.  PREPAID SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE  to mail your layer cake squares  back to you. This is very important.   If you do not send a SASE with your layer cake squares, we won't be able to mail them back to you. After all the effort you are taking to participate, we would hate for that to happen.  The amount of postage on your stamped envelope will be the same amount it costs to mail it to us since you are mailing 24 squares and will be receiving 24 squares.
4. 3x5 index card with your name, email address, mailing address

Your packets should be mailed by April 11th.
Please remember that any packages received after April 20th  will be automatically returned unswapped.
Your squares will be sorted and mailed by  April 27th. 
After you sign up, grab this button on the sidebar for your blog.  Can’t wait for you to join us.


This is the first swap we’ve hosted so we’re still working through some of the details.  We don’t even realize we have a problem until someone asks us a question such as:
1.   “How about postage outside of the United States?  Our self-addressed stamped envelopes with stamps from another country won’t work.”
Ok, what we will do is accept payment for your postage via PayPal.  We will take your self-addressed envelope to the post office and find out what the cost for postage will be and let you know.  Once we receive your PayPal payment, we will mail your fabric.
2.   I see 24 colors listed but would only be sending in 12 squares, so does that mean I wouldn't get all of the colors back or all of the novelty?
You will be sending in 24 squares: 12 solid/blend and 12 novelty
You will receive 24 different squares back. You will not receive all of the colors listed, only 12 of them. We listed 24 so there would be 24 different colors and less likelihood of duplicates. The same thing for the novelty, you will get 12 different novelty of the 24 sent in. The only way to get all 24 would be if one sent in 24 solids and 24 novelty. We thought this might cause a hardship on some since that would be a total of 4 yards so to keep it to two yards, we are trying it this way.
If you choose to send 24 squares of each, you would need to send:
12 squares of solid #1
12 squares of solid #2 (different color from #1)
12 squares of a novelty fabric
12 squares of a different novelty fabric
In essence, you are sending in 2 entries.  We’re doing it this way to create a variety of colors and novelty fabrics.
I hope I’ve cleared up “some” questions and not “muddied up the waters.”


Karen O said...

Please count me in! I have wanted to do a swap, and this sounds like a great place to start.

Karen O said...

Sorry, forgot my color choices. I would love to do light pink. Thank you! I will post the novelty tomorrow since I have that already.

Mhairi said...

I would love to be involved and I am happy to send the fabrics internationally but I can't include a prepaid envelope as it won't do you any good. Can I Paypal you for postage?
If I can be involved can I choose purple or teal.
This sounds like a great idea.

sophie said...

Long before they were called layer cakes, I participated in many, many swaps of 10 inch squares ... I love scrappy quilts and the swaps were how I built a scrappy stash when I started to quilt. You and your sister have a great idea.

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Sounds like fun - count me in. My first three choices are:
Green, teal
light blue or
pink, fuschsia

Red Heads said...

A question please, Do we send the 2 packets of blocks to you? I think thats what I understand. In one envelope or two. I know this sounds silly BUT, me is me. Dianne.

cory said...

I would like to join, my colour choices would be purple, turquois blue and gold. I am Canadian and so the return postage would be different, how would that work?

Red Heads said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hilachas said...

Thanks to all who have expressed an interest and entered the swap already. Cory, I am unable to answer your questions as you are a "no-reply" blogger. I need your email address. Thanks.

Kim said...

I am a little confused...I see 24 colors listed--but would only be sending in 12 squares, so does that mean I wouldn't get all of the colors back? or all of the novelty?

Shannon said...

I would like to join in. My three colors would be: yellow, light orange/tangerine, and gray. I am hoping over to Flickr now!

Lisa said...

I too would like 24 solid colors, I would be willing to send 24 color blocks. My 3 colors are 24. white, 23. cream, and 17. lilac This sounds fun so I am in for the fun.

Red Heads said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Celtic Thistle said...

Like Cory I would love to join in this swap but I live in Latvia, so the SASE won't work for me either. Is there an alternative way for me to do this?

Thanks in advance

Marg said...

This sounds like lots of fun. But I'm in Australia - so maybe too hard?

Charlene S said...

I would love to enter this swap. My three color choices: 1) green, yellow green or lime; 2) dark orange, pumpkin; 3) peacock blue or turquoise.

Lisa said...

what is the name of the flicker group? I cant get the link to work

Celtic Thistle said...

Looking forward to joining in now that we can work around the international postage! Have I got this right that I tell you what I can send? If so, I can forward dark red, tan or gray solid fabric as well as the novelty fabric.

Jeanne Gwin said...

Hey sugar pie, is it too late for me to get in on the swap? I love reds, turquoise but also love citron and grey. Thanks and let me know if I am in or out. Hugs

Pat V. said...

I would like to join if there is still room. I'm in the US. I would prefer to do either of the oranges, black or grey.

Karen Linton said...

I'd like to do this. My color choices are gray, white and black. I think that's what I most want to receive? But for cutting, I'd like to do tangerine.

Hilachas said...

Thanks to all who have joined so far. Karen, we'd love to have you join but I am unable to add you as you are a "no-reply" blogger. I need your email address. Thanks.

heather said...

I'd like tojoin. My choices are pink, lilac, and gray.


rubyslipperz1052 said...

Sounds fun! I'd like to do it if there is a spot left...
Navy Blue

Do my novelty prints have to match the solid looking one? I am not sure how to do flicker...but, I'm game to try. =)


Karen Smith said...

Sounds fun.
Are the Mauve, Dark Pink, or Navy still open?

Karen Smith said...

Can't believe no one has snatched up the brown, tan, or black! Black is awesome in quilts! Tan is a workhorse! And brown goes with everything! I can't wait to swap with everyone.

Martha said...

Hi Irene, your sister just told me to drop you a line and tell you I would take black if no one else wants it...I love black fabrics both solid and print.

Bquiltin said...

Hi Irene... did you get twenty four for the layer cake swap.... I can do this for fun..... I was looking first at your hexies on One Flower Wednesday!!!

Let me know if swap closed!!!