Thursday, March 15, 2012

Novelty and Colors Layer Cake Swap

Swap Now Closed-
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Thursday.  I try to post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Saturday.  Today I’m posting to remind everyone that my sister and I are hosting a fabric swap called the "Novelty and Colors Layer Cake Swap." 

 This is the first swap we’ve hosted so we’re still working through some of the details.  We don’t even realize we have a problem until someone asks us a question such as:
1.   “How about postage outside of the United States?  Our self-addressed stamped envelopes with stamps from another country won’t work.”
Ok, what we will do is accept payment for your postage via PayPal.  We will take your self-addressed envelope to the post office and find out what the cost for postage will be and let you know.  Once we receive your PayPal payment, we will mail your fabric.
2.   I see 24 colors listed but would only be sending in 12 squares, so does that mean I wouldn't get all of the colors back or all of the novelty?
You will be sending in 24 squares: 12 solid/blend and 12 novelty
You will receive 24 different squares back. You will not receive all of the colors listed, only 12 of them. We listed 24 so there would be 24 different colors and less likelihood of duplicates. The same thing for the novelty, you will get 12 different novelty of the 24 sent in. The only way to get all 24 would be if one sent in 24 solids and 24 novelty. We thought this might cause a hardship on some since that would be a total of 4 yards so to keep it to two yards, we are trying it this way.
If you choose to send 24 squares of each, you would need to send:
12 squares of solid #1
12 squares of solid #2 (different color from #1)
12 squares of a novelty fabric
12 squares of a different novelty fabric
In essence, you are sending in 2 entries.  We’re doing it this way to create a variety of colors and novelty fabrics.
I hope I’ve cleared up “some” questions and not “muddied up the waters.”
That is all.

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