Monday, October 22, 2012

Day 22 of Blogtoberfest and Happy Mail Day

Encouraging Words of the Day:

We finally got our mail today after being gone for two weeks. We came back to El Paso on Friday night so, since the post office was closed over the weekend, we weren't able to get the mail until today. There were lots of packages to make me happy :) Just look at all of this:

There are four hexie flowers, over two hundren 2.5 inch squares to add to my "Someday Postage Stamp Quilt," Civil War fat quarters, patterns, and a needlecase from a recent swap. I'll post photos of some of this loot later but for now, I'm getting ready to watch the Presidenital Debate so thanks for visiting my blog...

that is all.



  1. Oooh, very nice! I love happy mail days!

  2. Oh my word - look at all that mail goodness!! I love the idea of a postage stamp quilt and I cannot wait to see all your fabric for it!

  3. Treasures in your mailbox! I love happy mail days too and always get a bit disappointed when there's nothing...