Thursday, October 25, 2012

One Flower Wednesday and Day 25 of Blogtoberfest

Encouraging Words of the Day:

What? Today is Thursday? What happened to "One Flower Wednesday?" OMG! I can't believe it got by me. Well, it must be Wednesday somewhere so I'm posting my hexie flowers today. Here are 3 little half-inch flowers.

Now I'm off to check the other flowers at the link Karen provides for us to show off our flowers and you can too. Just click on this: "One Flower Wednesday."

And it's Day 25 of Blogtoberfest. How many days in October? I'm faced with all sorts of challenges lately so I'll quit now.

That is all.



sister outlaws said...

I almost said something yesterday! The week seems a bit strange without your one flower Wednesday!

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

I love that of my favorites although my VERY favorite is the one you posted on the little flowers and I am still keeping an eye out for the "make-do" but don't see one today....less than a week to go on Blogtoberfest!

Needled Mom said...

Wednesday...Thursday...whatever! The flowers look wonderful.

Loved the bug quilt too. Hope that you get lots of shopping done.

Karen said...

It is Wednesday somewhere and your flowers are beautiful!

Janet said...

Half inch flowers! Oh my... very cute.

Julie Fukuda said...

Maybe your blogging fingers had jet lag. I never know what day it is, especially when flying across the international date-line.I have missed some days all together.