Friday, October 26, 2012

Pretty Hexie Flowers on Day 26 of Blogtoberfest

Encouraging Words of the Day:

I'm meeting myself coming and going since I just got back from New Mexico and am getting ready to go to Tucson, Arizona tomorrow. When we return from Arizona, we will be going hunting the following day so I'm getting stuff ready for that too. Arggggg. Ok. Now I've calmed down and decided to unwind with a little computer time. That always relaxes me, second to sewing, but I'm packing the sewing stuff to take with me when we go to the ranch to hunt.

On another topic, I received beautiful hexie flowers from my swap partners in the "Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap."

These pretty flowers are for September and are from Linda who is from Canada. I just love the colors she chose. They will fit perfectly in my scrap GFG. Thanks, Linda.
And these are the October flowers that Terry sent from California. I love that unusual southwest-looking one and the blue one is perfect for the wall hanging I'm making from hexie flowers. Thanks, Terry.

Now, off to do some more organizing of stuff and finish packing on this 26th day of "Blogtoberfest."

That is all.



My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

what a lot of pretty flowers you got in the mail. and you are moving right along with your Blogtoberfest too! Just say, "excuse me" when you run into yourself coming and going and everything will be ok......haha

sister outlaws said...

I love that south western one too! You're doing so well with blogtoberfest - no need for the blogtoberfest police!

Doniene said...

I've been reading everyday, but not commenting - so sorry - I know I love to receive comments. But time has been hectic! I so appreciate you taking time to post "Encouraging Words of the Day"!! Food for my soul - thank you!


Carla said...

Isn't it fun to get blocks from others ? !

Needled Mom said...

Those will be such nice additions.